Island Rose Gourmet Tea

Tea & Lemonade Concentrates

Island Rose Tea Concentrates are brewed using the finest black teas and sweetened with real cane sugar. The result is a product line that embodies the most authentic regional flavor profiles of traditional iced tea. From the seafaring tradition of the Caribbean tea trade, to the laid-back nostalgia of American iced tea, tea culture has traversed the globe.

Now a taste of home is no longer a cross-country trek, but a mere stop into your local shop. Island Rose has its roots in the Bahamas, known for a rich tea heritage all its own, and now offers a line of iced tea concentrates that capture the flavors of home, wherever you're from.


For two years running, Island Rose Concentrates have won awards at Coffee Fest. By being devoted to the development process we have been able to create new products that meet our customers needs, and the industry has recognized our success.

Tea Shandy - 2014

In June 2014 in St. Louis, winning Second Place in the New Products/Consumables category, our Tea Shandy was a highlight generating a lot of buzz.

Read Coffee Fest St. Louis 2014's Awards Press Release

Black Tea Concentrate - 2013

At the June 2013 Coffee Fest in Chicago, our Black Tea Concentrate won Second Place in the New Products/Consumables category.

Read Coffee Fest Chicago 2013's Awards Press Release

Southern Style Tea - Sweetened

Real Honest-to Goodness Sweet Tea

In the South, sweet tea is no trifling matter: an official sign of Southern hospitality and a point of pride. We strong-brewed the finest black tea with all natural cane sugar for that authentic, sought-after flavor. Whether you're from Charleston or Chicago, this tea will make any home down-home.

• 11+1 Concentrate

Southern Style Tea - Unsweetened

All the tradition without all the sugar

For some, the bold flavor of Southern style tea is sweet enough. This unsweetened version of Dixie's favorite drink is ready to customize into a tradition that's all your own. Sweeten with agave, honey or fresh lemon to complement this tea's heritage of excellence.

• 11+1 Concentrate

Classic Black Tea - Unsweetened

A Healthy Buzz for an Active Lifestyle

Tea is nature's original energy drink. Our new unsweetened Classic Black Iced Tea provides an eye-brightening energy kick without all the fillers. If your sweet tooth can't be ignored, try adding stevia, agave, or honey to give this all-natural iced tea your own personal touch.

• 11+1 Concentrate

Tea Shandy - Half and Half

Arnold Palmer popularized it, we perfected it

Tea and lemonade go together perfectly. We knew that crafting the ultimate Half & Half would be a part of our destiny. Bright, crisp, and perfectly balanced, our blend of Island Rose teas and lemonade makes every day feel just a little bit brighter. Whether you are rounding the bend on the back nine or relaxing at the beach, we have you covered.

• 7+1 Concentrate

Premium Lemonade

True Summertime Nostalgia

Sit back and soak in the nostalgia and pure exhilaration that only a cold glass of lemonade can give. Our lemonade is actually lemonade, made with real lemons and pure cane sugar. You won't find us using any mystery powders. That's what makes our lemonade taste like you always remembered.

• 5+1 Concentrate

Benefits to Distributors

  • Shelf Space Savings - each 64oz. bottle of tea concentrate will produce 6 gallons of finished roduct, taking up 1/12th as much space as RTD competitors such as Lipton, Gold Peak, and Arizona.
  • Supply Chain Savings - concentrates mean less water to ship and less transportation costs...and more revenue shipped per gallon of fuel consumed, a distinct cost and sustainability advantage!
  • Shelf Stability - no refrigeration required means less cost of merchandising and less cost to the end customer...a huge advantage in energy compared to frozen concentrates.
  • First to Market - first to market with both a premium tea and a premium lemonade concentrate in shelf stable retailers currently carry a combination with our superior product attributes.
  • High Quality / Low Cost - uncompromised quality at an affordable price. We can supply a superior product (taste test results available) at a lower cost than any of the top brand manufacturers.

Benefits to the Customer

  • High Quality / Low Cost - uncompromised quality at an affordable price.
  • Recyclable Packaging - all packaging is 100% recyclable. Each 64 oz. bottle of tea concentrate will produce 6 gallons of finished product, resulting in 1/12th as much plastic to landfill/recycle when compared to RTD competitors such as Lipton, Gold Peak, and Arizona.
  • Flexible Preparation / No Waste - consumer can produce as much or as little product as required. No need to open a big can or bottle when only a small drink is desired.
  • Shelf Stability - no refrigeration required means a lot less space taken up in the customer's refrigerator or freezer.
  • Flexible Product Mix - tea concentrate + lemonade concentrate = world-class Arnold Palmers that can be produced with ease, in quantities dictated by the end consumer.
  • Island Rose Carafes - custom carafes available with easy to follow preparation gude for tea, lemonade, AND Arnold Palmers.

Product SKUs

UPC Product Description Net Weight Finished Ratio
6-71865-33101-4 Southern Style Tea - Sweetened 23.00 lbs 24 Gal. at 11+1
6-71865-32101-4 Southern Style Tea - Unsweetened 17.25 lbs 24 Gal. at 11+1
6-71865-32102-4 Classic Black Tea - Unsweetened 17.25 lbs 24 Gal. at 11+1
6-71865-34102-9 Half + Half (Tea Shandy) 23.00 lbs 16 Gal. at 7+1
6-71865-34101-4 Premium Lemonade 22.00 lbs 12 Gal. at 5+1

All SKUs come as follow:

  • Pack: 4
  • Size: 64 oz.
  • Dimensions: 10"x10.25"x8.25"

Product Highlights

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • Shelf-stable - won't separate
  • 1 year shelf life (unopened)
  • 1 month shelf life (opened/refrigerated)
  • Custom labeled carafes available for easy preparation, with precise fill line markings for tea and lemonade products

Spec Sheets

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